Crimson AV Debuts New JR Projector Mount Series

Crimson AV JR3 SyncProIf you have plans of installing a projector anytime soon, then you are going to need the right tools for the job. No tool is more essential, however, than the right mount. Sure, you can simply place a projector on any flat surface, but things are so much more convenient when you can mount it on a surface, like your ceiling, keeping it out of the way.

Crimson AV has just begun shipping a trio of new mounts that are designed to make installing a projector easier and a lot more professional looking. The mounts come by way of Crimson AV’s JR Series and include the new JR, JR2 and JR3 SyncPro mounts.

The JR, which is the base model mount priced at $99, is a basic projector mount with two points of adjustment that affect both pitch and roll. In addition to that, this mount is also designed for smaller projectors under 50 lbs. and comes with a pre-assembled two-piece design complete with integrated cord management and 1.5″ NPT compatibility.

The mid-level model is the JR2. Like the JR, this mount is a two-piece model that is constructed entirely of steel. It has 12 adjustment points in total, six for pitch and six for roll, which means that this mount is capable of holding projectors that are slightly heavier than average or that something that is off center can stay in place. The JR2 is priced at $117 and works with projectors of up to 70 lbs.

The final mount in the JR series is the JR3 SyncPro. This mount comes with a lead screw mechanism, allowing for precise adjustments. All installation adjustments can be completed by rotating the knobs on the mount, which makes the overall process simple. Priced at $169, this mount is perfectly suited for any projector that exceeds 70 lbs and also has additional legs that allow you to expand the range and cover large or irregular mounting hole patterns.

If you need professional projector mounting, however, then there is no better place to turn than has professionally trained installers that are capable of installing any size projector in any type of room and on any surface you need to mount it.

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