Could LUMO Interactive Projector Be A Worthy Investment?

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

lumoprojectorThe end of the year comes to a close and with it we see last minute scrambles from companies trying to push their end of the year products. This is never a bad plan, but it is a common one. Because of this, many companies’ products go unnoticed. Whether it be due to longer release dates or just getting lost in the sea of other gadgets that come out during this time of year, some products do get swept under the rug. With that being said, there are a few that can peak interest.

Remember when you were a kid, and how the floor was lava, and pillows were the rocks that could save you from melting? Well now a new projector may be able to give that same nostalgia back to your kids.

Yes, it may be a bit childish at first, but the LUMO Interactive projector may be one of the best “toys” or “gifts” you could ever give to your child. With adaptable and ever expanding library of games, there could be quite a bit of longevity in this product. From soccer, to lava floors, to entry level memory matching games, the LUMO projector could be sure to entertain both kids and adults’ inner child as well.

By utilizing the projector’s micro processor and motion sensor, the realm of augmented reality is open to your child. The projector’s camera and light source both come standard with IR filters and IR modes for easier recognition at night. Designed to actually attach and project from the ceiling, it leaves the projector out of reach of children so that fear of it being damaged can be all but gone from your thoughts.

Sitting at $500, it is a bit pricey for a “child’s toy”, but the real value comes in at the expansive app and game library. Remember, there will be games and apps constantly added.

Another scenario. Albeit a children’s device, having an interactive projector in the company break room could be a nostalgic stress reliever. Depending on the apps and games that could be designed for this projector specifically, it could become a decent investment for any office. What better way to create a more friendly and fun work environment than by having a friendly augmented reality soccer game in the break room. Again, a lot of the games an apps would need a bit more mature design, but if the market calls for it, why not?

With only $23,000 of the $200,000 goal met by the end of the Kickstarter, it may be a while before we actually see this product up and ready for consumer use.