Is The New InFocus IN8606HD Projector Right For You?

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

SP8606HDInFocus sets the standard for front projection display developed for consumers.

Just in time for the holiday season, InFocus is expanding on their success in Asia and Europe, and will be bringing their high definition IN8606HD Home Media Projector to the United States.

The new IN8606HD brings 100+ inches of crisp and bright 1080p resolution and 3D images from sources like Blu-ray, DVD, set up boxes, media devices and portable video sources.

“The IN8606HD allows today’s enthusiast to live large and turn any wall into a life-size hi-def experience, and delivers the best in large format displays,” said Benjamin Joy, Product Manager. “And it’s not just about movies anymore; people want to be able to display social media, streaming content, 3D information and video games for groups of people, and settling for a 42” LCD display at home just might not cut it. The IN8606HD’s huge, brightly-colored display makes video games, movies and windowed content come alive.”

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Priced at an entry level, the IN8606HD connects to it’s sources through it’s built in HDMI 1.4, VGA and composite video inputs and supports audio through 3.5mm input and output ports.

“Connect and Project has always been our mantra, therefore we designed these projectors so our customers can easily connect and begin to receive a superior-quality image, without a lengthy or cumbersome setup,” said Joy. “We’re excited to bring this easy-to-use projector to the U.S. because we think movie watchers and gamers, among others, are going to love being able to take it wherever they want their huge, beautiful hi-def experience.”

You will be able to snag this new projector in the U.S. from the InFocus webstore on their website and