Projector Market Sees Big Sales in 2012

Monday, February 11th, 2013

projectorsThe global projector market did surprisingly well in 2012, thanks in no small part to large growth in emerging markets. This resulted in a slight growth in the market, bringing the total volume up to 9.5 million units according to Pacific Media Associates, a known projector market research specialist.

The mainstream projector category, which covers products in the 1,000 to 3,999 lumens range, benefited tremendously in Asian, Indian and Philippine markets. The Chinese market also saw a strong exit to the year with Brazilian markets having the same result.

However, spending cuts in North America as well as Western Europe affected the total projector sale. Thankfully, two mainstream segments beat the general weakness in the market, interactive and ultra short-throw projectors. These two segments were able to achieve robust growth all across the world with sales increasing by over 30%.

The 4,000+ lumen category also remained ahead of the mainstream segment during the year. Ultra-bright projector models, which typically find their niche in conference rooms or spacious venues, saw double-digit growth in sales while global shipments of d-cinema projectors came close to the 100,000 mark.

Finally, the New Era segment, which covers projectors of sub-1,000 lumens, saw sales of 1.7 million units across the globe. Pico Projectors, which are still a struggling market, saw subdued shipments during the earlier part of 2012, though did see a slight increase during the second half of the year, ultimately achieving growth of 35%. Sales of personal projectors also saw a strong yearly finish thanks to improved product choice in 500 lumen segment.

The projector market has remained strong throughout the years, despite other technologies rising and falling. The use of projectors for personal use, like in home entertainment centers, is becomingly increasingly popular as are using projectors for temporary reasons, like business meetings or for use in trade shows or conventions. Remember, is your one stop source for all your projector rental needs. Request a quote today so we can supply your next meeting or personal event with the projector you need.